Social media should be an intrinsic part of your marketing campaign as it ensures you reach your target audience, however there are things you should avoid doing.  Consider the following tips improved productivity across the platforms and trigger better results.

1.     Publish on the Desk-Top version as well as your Smartphone !

While apps on our phones have made it easy to access social media, posting all your business content from your smartphone is not the wisest thing to do–unless the social media platform can only be fully utilised from a mobile device, as is the case with Instagram.

Each of the platforms offer slightly different features and functionality between their web-based and mobile app systems, and in particular, the area of security.  As an example, take Facebook:  if you browse the publishing options on your Facebook Business Page from a desktop computer, you'll see that there are more options with a greater reach that aren't always accessible on a smartphone.

Choose your platforms wisely !

Avoid being "out there" on every single social media platform.  You could waste a great amount of your time by using every single social media channel.  Certain industries tend to gravitate more toward one than the others.  Do some research, find out which ones are more active in your industry and then concentrate your energies on those.

Your exposure can expand quickly if it is strategically marketed.  To make the best use of your time and to be effective, you should put a social media strategy in place that will ensure you don't waste valuable hours of your time. When used correctly and strategically, social media has the power to generate more leads and sales for your business, but it can also be a major time-waster in subtle ways.

3.  Create connections by following people back !

While the Facebook Business Page itself doesn't allow you to follow individuals back, it's advisable to follow your clients and prospective members on Instagram if you can find their public account. Effective marketing on social media is about creating connections, so make the effort to connect with clients and prospective members by showing interest in their posts where relevant.  With the way many of the algorithms work, you will show up more in their network, making it easier for them to recommend you to their connections.

4. Don't overlook social advertising

Your followers are overcrowded with hundreds of posts on a daily basis, so you can't guarantee that they will see all your posts. Through advertising you can reach a wider audience, and potentially get more leads or sales. Consider the "pay to play" strategy at times – a smallish investment could expand your reach in a platform like Facebook, and you'll reap the rewards.